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WJA 2020

WJA 2020: Sara Yang Bosco, Emerson

Sara Yang Bosco has long been her family’s designated lawyer, and for good reason. She grew up as the most vocal child in a large family, and her parents encouraged her to become a lawyer to take advantage of her natural talents.

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WJA 2020: Victoria L. Smith, Stinson

Vicki Smith had been away from school for a few years when she decided to enroll in the University of Missouri School of Law. At first, she didn’t know how her legal career might unfold.

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WJA 2020: Jennifer M. Hannah, Lathrop GPM

Jennifer Hannah gives her children the advice she once gave herself: “I think having any kind of background in finance or accounting is going to help you immensely in your career.”

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WJA 2020: Aimee Riederer Gromowsky, Aimee the Attorney

Aimee Gromowsky began her career as a social worker before deciding that, as a lawyer, she could help people in a more empowered way. “I was a social worker for four years and felt like I couldn’t do enough for ...

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WJA 2020: Lyrissa Lidsky, Woman of the Year

When Lyrissa Lidsky was an undergraduate student at Texas A&M, the dean of the University of Texas School of Law came to speak to students interested in the law. He mentioned a scholarship “aimed at keeping Texans in Texas,” and ...

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WJA 2020: Publisher’s Letter

The attorneys we honor this year in our Women’s Justice Awards are trailblazers. Glass-ceiling breakers.

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