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Tort reform plan unveiled

President's health care speech proposes state-level changes

Curbing medical malpractice lawsuits is a leading goal of business groups and Republicans, and President Barack Obama on Wednesday night during a joint session of Congress said he is pursuing a pilot project designed to prevent doctors from practicing "defensive medicine" by ordering unnecessary tests for fear of being sued.

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Take your temperature before taking your oath

You've passed the bar! Break out the champagne - and the Germ-X. People who took the Missouri bar exam in July are getting the news of whether they passed and can officially call themselves lawyers. (Click here to read the list) But court officials are urging people to think twice about the spread of the flu as they make plans to attend the enrollment ceremony at the Supreme Court on Sept. 17.

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Fired ALJs can keep their jobs, judge says

A Cole County judge said three administrative law judges can't be terminated from their positions for budgetary reasons. Earlier this year, five administrative law judge positions were cut. Four of the judges were let go, and a retiring judge was not replaced. Gov. Jay Nixon said the move was meant as a cost-cutting measure in the midst of a tough budgetary situation. In a decision released Wednesday, Cole County circuit judge Jon Beetem issued a permanent injunction that keeps the three men in their positions as administrative law judges.

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Lawsuit filed over cleanup at landfill

The owner of a Maryland Heights landfill is suing several companies for breaching their obligations to operate the landfill's gas-collection system, including their obligations to abate any gas migration from the landfill. BFI Waste Systems of North America filed in federal court in St. Louis last week. It also seeks to recoup environmental cleanup costs. The landfill closed in 1996 but is subject to post-closure care until 2026.

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