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New Illinois law eliminates franchise tax, offers tax amnesty

3D illustration of "FRANCHISE TAX" title on business document

Illinois recently enacted legislation that offers significant benefits to delinquent taxpayers and corporations doing business in Illinois. The new legislation phases out the Illinois franchise tax over a four year period beginning in 2020, and it establishes an amnesty program ...

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NLRB rules employers may ban nonemployee union activity in areas open to public

Labor Law, Union, Workers

On June 14, the National Labor Relations Board ruled in a 3-1 decision that employers may prohibit non-employee union representatives from conducting organizing activities on employer property that is open to the public. This decision overturns precedent dating back to ...

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Op-Ed: Freedom to contract v. patent misuse


Inherent within American contract law is the freedom to contract — i.e., the ability to negotiate and agree to any terms that the parties see fit for any given contract. Contract terms will be deemed void only under special circumstances, ...

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Littler launches new on-demand app

The Littler on-demand app

An international labor- and employment-law firm with attorneys in Missouri has launched a new technology platform that provides clients with on-demand access to data, analytics and legal advice. On May 9, Littler launched its new Littler onDemand platform. St. Louis ...

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Case seeks recognition of ‘negligent recommendation’ action

Judge, gavel, documents

The Court of Appeals Southern District declined to recognize a “negligent recommendation” cause of action in a lawsuit alleging that a religious college gave a church the name of a pastor who went on to abuse a minor. “The declaration ...

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Proposed federal rule could alter wage-and-hour litigation

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The federal rule specifying which American employees must receive overtime pay for working more than forty hours a week hasn’t changed since 2004, but it might soon — and that change could affect wage-and-hour litigation, according to Missouri employment-law attorneys. ...

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