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IRS Issues Proposed Regulations Under Code Section 162(m)

Tax law, tax code, taxes

The 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) significantly amended Internal Revenue Code Section 162(m), which generally disallows the deduction of compensation in excess of $1 million paid by a “publicly held corporation” to a “covered employee” in any single ...

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In #MeToo era, some lawyers fielding more ‘reverse discrimination’ queries

#MeToo, sexual harassment, discrimination

With today’s increased focus on diversity and inclusiveness in the workplace, some employment attorneys are reporting that employees are raising more concerns about so-called “reverse discrimination.” “People are generally more aware now that they may have legal rights in employment, ...

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Significant shift: California privacy law harbinger of new state statutes

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More than 18 months after the implementation of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation in 2018, companies that collect the personal information of Californians are about to be ruled by a similar provision: the California Consumer Privacy Act. The ...

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EPLI: Does your company need employment-practices coverage?

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To err is human — and to be insured is a smart business decision. Whether it is a street-corner retail outlet or a white-shoe law firm, insurance is one headache that every business shares. From general liability policies to errors-and-omissions ...

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Key lessons: What jurors really think about your employment case

Scales of justice

As trial lawyers representing employers, we have learned a great deal over time about how jurors tend to think about employment cases. Yet watching a jury deliberate during a mock trial — behind a one-way mirror — is always a ...

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Blind woman presents novel challenge to arbitration agreement

Missouri Supreme Court

Ordinarily, disputes regarding arbitration agreements come down to legal issues to be resolved by courts — or, as is frequently the case, by the arbitrators themselves. But a case argued before the Missouri Supreme Court on Oct. 2 presents the ...

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New laws force employers to update policies and procedures

Jordan Lewis

A number of important changes to Illinois employment law are going into effect that will change how employers accommodate greater protections for employees. New restrictions on certain hiring practices and pay equity have just started, while other changes impacting workers’ ...

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Op-Ed: Protecting cannabis and related intellectual property

Medical Marijuana

As more than half of the states in the United States recently have decriminalized cannabis/marijuana to some extent, the domestic cannabis business has been growing rapidly. Marijuana now is legal for medical use in 33 states and the District of ...

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The future is now: How Gen Z is driving a health care revolution

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Luc Matthew is a 17-year-old senior at Easton Area High School in eastern Pennsylvania. Young and healthy, he doesn’t think much about health care unless it’s time for the annual school physical. When he does get sick, he sees the ...

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