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NLRB memo addresses mandatory weekend overtime

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Overtime: Some employees hate it; others can’t get enough. And many companies struggle to manage it. It can be even more complicated in a unionized setting, as the applicable labor agreement undoubtedly touches on, if not exhaustively addresses, overtime. The National Labor ...

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9th Circuit decision has significant implications for terms and conditions in smartphone apps

Terms and conditions, app, cellphone

A recent Ninth Circuit decision centered on something most consumers use many times every day: smartphone apps. In Wilson v. Huuuge, Inc., the Ninth Circuit affirmed the denial of defendant Huuuge’s motion to compel arbitration against a user of its smartphone ...

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$126M and counting: Companies should expect larger, more frequent GDPR fines

GDPR, data privacy

Fines imposed under the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation have been relatively low and infrequent. But companies need to prepare for bigger penalties as authorities throughout Europe bolster enforcement efforts and clarify how fines are calculated and imposed. “As ...

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