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2020 In-House Counsel Awards: Jacqueline Pollvogt

Private company with up to $500 million in annual revenue

General Counsel, Drury Development Corporation

Jacqueline PollvogtAfter more than three decades in the job, Jacqueline Pollvogt makes it clear that she truly enjoys her position as general counsel at Drury Development.

“As an in-house counsel, your work is varied, and I like that. I’ve done real estate law, corporate law, employment law, lending,” she said. “You are not stuck in one area of the law.”

That’s because Drury — parent company of the hotel giant of the same name — has a wide array of business interests, from retail to restaurants, which enables Pollvogt to deal with issues ranging from construction to trademarks.

“Each of those operating entities brings different legal needs,” she said.

A native of the Cape Girardeau area, Pollvogt has a special connection to the business. She isn’t just its chief legal officer: As a member of the Drury family, she’s also a co-owner of the business, along with her siblings. They all learned the value of honesty and hard work from their late father, she said.

“I like the saying, ‘To whom much has been given, much will be expected,’” said Pollvogt. “My dad taught us that we are very fortunate, and therefore we need to give back and pay it forward, and I hope that I’m doing that.”

That’s why, as a family-run employer, Drury often treats its employees like family, she said. The company even has a fund to help workers who have experienced the loss of a loved one or other issues.

Associate General Counsel Julie Freed said she’s benefitted from the two-and-a-half years she’s spent working for Pollvogt, describing her as a practical-minded attorney and excellent leader.

“She basically built the legal department from scratch and has been a really good mentor for learning the company and the business,” said Freed. “She teaches by example and is a really good role model. She has a great temperament, and she is good at what she does.”

Pollvogt’s legal skills aren’t the only qualities that make her invaluable at Drury.

“She’s an active member of the management team and contributes on a daily basis on the business side as well as the legal side,” said Freed. “I’ve learned a lot from her, quite frankly.”

Pollvogt said she found her legal education at Saint Louis University to be an engaging experience. She now sits on the school’s board of trustees and lends personal support to Catholic educational charities.

The school also is the alma mater of her daughter, who also earned her law degree there.

“I have two family-member, next-generation attorneys who are going to carry the torch,” she said, noting that her niece also works in the company’s legal department. “We’ve already turned some of it over to the next generation.”

It is all part of a family tradition of serving others and carrying on a multigenerational legacy of serving the public.

“We want to give you a great product for a great value,” she said.