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2022 In-House Counsel Awards: Greg Wolf

Maxus Properties

Greg WolfAs the first in-house attorney at Maxus Properties, Greg Wolf has fully embraced the challenges and opportunities that come with plowing new ground.

In addition to managing litigation risk, Wolf advises the company on all legal aspects of business, including human resources, mergers and acquisitions, lending, risk, and real estate.
“Being in a new position, it gives me a chance to define my role,” he said.

Maxus Properties is a rental housing company headquartered in North Kansas City with locations in 15 states. The company’s owner, Dave Johnson, was Wolf’s client before he joined the company.

Prior to taking on the position of general counsel at Maxus, Wolf was a partner at Dentons where he practiced commercial litigation. He has fully embraced his in-house role.

“Being in-house feels like a team atmosphere, in a sense we are focusing on the same challenges and opportunities, and all working together to achieve goals or solve problems,” he said. “Here at Maxus, I have an executive team of eight or nine people and we interact with each other on a day-to-day basis.”

Wolf, 52, says the people he works with at Maxus are his top professional passion. He also embraces the challenges of an ever-changing palette.

“I like learning about the different aspects of our industry, and there’s always something new and interesting popping up,” he said. “I also like dealing with different challenges every day, and it’s great to be an inside attorney where you can help solve problems before they become bigger problems.”

He graduated from Yale with a bachelor’s degree in history before he enrolled in law school at University of Kansas, where he earned his JD.

Outside of work, Wolf is a serial entrepreneur in the nonprofit world, who has founded two non-profit organizations – both giving circles, a form of participatory philanthropy where groups of individuals donate money or time to a pooled fund and decide together which charities or community projects to support.

In 2003, Wolf and other attorneys helped start Impact KC, investing their own money in local small businesses and nonprofits in Kansas City. Collectively, Impact KC has given more than $1 million to local organizations.

Active in his faith community, Wolf also launched J-LEAD – Jewish Leadership Education, Action and Development, another giving circle that makes grants from funds collected by its members and matching funds from the Jewish Community Foundation’s Community Legacy Fund and other donors.

“I’m proud of what these organizations have done by providing what I would call new dollars into the charitable community of Kansas City,” he said.

He has since turned the reins of both organizations over to new leaders and stepped away from active management.

Today he donates time to many other community, professional and charitable organizations including chairing the City of Overland Park’s Planning Commission and serving on the board of Yale University alumni fund.

“I’m still active in a lot of charitable organizations,” he said. As my wife once pointed out, at one time, I was serving on seven not-for-profit boards.”

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