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2022 In-House Counsel Awards: Jan Murray

Saint Luke’s Health System

Jan Murray“My clients are stressed about risk exposure,” says Jan Murray of Saint Luke’s Health System. “In my in-house counsel role, I help them step back and think it through. I share my knowledge about the law and the potential risk. I let them know they have the expertise they need to navigate the very complex regulatory world. If they can’t see me as a trusted advisor, then I can’t do my job.”

Murray joined Saint Luke’s Health System in 2015 after 19 years in private practice and three years as deputy chief legal officer for The Cleveland Clinic Foundation. She brought a wealth of experience in representing hospitals and health systems in regulatory and transactional matters. She had also represented private investors and academic medical centers in international hospital projects. In addition, she had represented life science companies in conducting international clinical trials and in post-approval marketing regulation.

In her current position as senior vice president, chief legal officer and secretary for Saint Luke’s, Murray manages a team of 15. They make sure high quality legal counsel and services are available to the system and all its entities. They provide advice on the law, and then perform necessary legal services to comply with the law, minimize losses and reduce risk. One of her greatest accomplishments in 2022 has been her work in helping executives introduce highly innovative approaches to providing healthcare to the community in the context of a tightly regulated industry.

“Saint Luke’s was a client of mine when I was in private practice,” Murray says. “I knew about the system’s strong, healthy culture, characterized by respect, competency and transparency. That culture is important to me. I know I represent a client that wants to do the right thing and is committed to making that a reality.”

As a lawyer, Murray appreciates the opportunities she has to support people as they do really important jobs. “I have their back by helping them understand the law,” she says. “I help them deal with difficult issues forthrightly. I believe the quality of my lawyering truly helps them and contributes to a good outcome for them.”

Mentoring is one of Murray’s favorite parts of her job. “Mentoring isn’t always a priority in the big law firms,” she says. “At Saint Luke’s, I have many opportunities to mentor younger staff members. They also mentor me as they are learning.”

Murray, a native of Vermont, earned her JD from Case Western University. She also holds a master’s degree in social work. ““Courage and kindness are two important attributes I strive for in my career,” she says. “Some of the best career advice I ever received is to be smart enough to know when you are not smart enough.”