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Tax plan could increase costs of succession planning

Joe Biden

Business owners looking to leave their business through succession planning may be facing more tax decisions if the Biden administration gets its tax code revisions through Congress this year.

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Commentary: Legally structuring your physical structures

Illustration of words saying LLC, S-Corps, Liability

Just as a properly designed building foundation is critical to accomplish the goal of holding up the walls of the building, the properly designed legal foundation is critical to accomplish the owner’s goals relating to taxation, liability protection and exit strategies.

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Op-Ed: 2020 underscores the importance of good leadership

Illustration of Leadership

The madness of the year 2020 has revealed an acute need for leadership. Great leaders recognize that certain leadership qualities are being tested now like never before, and the strength of the following qualities will have extraordinary impact far beyond the direct setting in which one currently leads.

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U.S.-style discovery rules could soon become a global export

Craig O'Dear

An intercontinental legal dispute that began with a fire at a Boeing plant in South Carolina is now headed to the U.S. Supreme Court, and it could end up significantly changing the way that companies that do business internationally resolve their disputes, not just in the United States, but across the globe.

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Attorney writes ‘handbook’ for in-house tech lawyers

Technology, law, keyboard

David Sclar has just self-published the book he wishes he could have turned to for practical advice once his career course was set as in-house counsel guiding digital health and wellness companies on matters ranging from security and privacy to product development.

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Op-Ed: Hiring practices can counter implicit bias, systemic racism

Business people

Several companies have been holding their outside legal firms accountable to specific diversity guidelines for decades. While some of the more recent shifts are notable and important, these demands will continue to be difficult for law firms to meet.

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