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Remote proceedings demand ethical compliance

The challenging times we face highlight the importance of ensuring that lawyers and staff comply with ethical obligations even when attending online proceedings.

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In mediation, night time can be the right time

Mediation resolution and mediate legal disputes in business as a concept with a businessman or lawyer separating two judge mallets or gavel as competitors in arbitration.

Ask any mediator and they’ll tell you that being the third wheel in a party of (at least) two is not always easy. It’s their job to get the party started and keep the party going, even when the ones they showed up with might be tired of dancing.

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When does alternative dispute resolution make sense?

Law books

In recent decades, the burdensome nature of litigation has led many businesses and their in-house counsel to consider alternative dispute resolution as a way to avoid the court system. But what exactly is ADR?

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Lessons from 20 years of law practice

Lawyer and the law with a justice scale made of brass gold metal on a glowing background as a symbol of the legal advice, system in government and society in enforcing rights and regulations.

One lawyer reflects on two decades of practicing law and looking ahead to the time between now and retirement, with lessons learned that may be helpful to others.

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Tax plan could increase costs of succession planning

Joe Biden

Business owners looking to leave their business through succession planning may be facing more tax decisions if the Biden administration gets its tax code revisions through Congress this year.

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