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Law firms adjust to passage of Amendment 3

A full frame of marijuana foliage

With the introduction of legal recreational cannabis in Missouri, many corporate executives and general counsels are working to reevaluate what kinds of policies to have regarding personal use of the once-prohibited substance by those they employ.

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2022 In-House Counsel Awards: John Schierholz

Many attorneys have to spend a little time toiling in the industry before becoming a general counsel but John Schierholz became one right out of law school — which he began attending at age 38.

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2022 In-House Counsel Awards: Justin Relihan

Inspired by the example of his grandfather who was also an attorney, Justin Relihan had a good role model to follow when he decided to pursue a legal career.

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2022 In-House Counsel Awards: Erica Glanz

When Erica Glanz visits the grocery store, she is aware that the bags, the packaging, even the receipt tape probably has a connection to her place of employment.

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2022 In-House Counsel Awards: Robyn Buck

With undergraduate degrees in criminal justice and accounting, Robyn Buck originally saw herself pursuing a career in law enforcement, perhaps with the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

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