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Ryan Turnage


PRIVATE COMPANY WITH ANNUAL REVENUES OVER $500M Litigation Counsel, Schnuck Markets Inc. Before Ryan Turnage joined Schnuck Markets Inc. as litigation counsel in 2016, he was already well-acquainted with the grocery chain. Today, he says that familiarity is one of ...

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In-house counsel provide essential support to academic institutions


Like their counterparts in business and industry, in-house attorneys at Missouri colleges and universities devote plenty of time to contract review, real estate development, employment agreements and intellectual property. That is, when they’re not managing Medicare and Medicaid certification, HIPAA ...

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Littler launches new on-demand app

The Littler on-demand app

An international labor- and employment-law firm with attorneys in Missouri has launched a new technology platform that provides clients with on-demand access to data, analytics and legal advice. On May 9, Littler launched its new Littler onDemand platform. St. Louis ...

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An eye on the future


As general counsel for biometrics company ZOLOZ, Karen Dickinson guides a team turning science fiction into real-life, cutting-edge tech

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A year-old, international tech firm with Kansas City roots transforms storage, analysis and application of critical Legal information for In-House Counsel.

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Data Breach: Your ‘worst day ever’

Burton Kelso

On the surface, Equifax and Lord & Taylor may seem to have little in common. The unwelcome distinction they share? Along with several other major companies, the worldwide credit-reporting agency and the nation’s oldest department store both were struck by ...

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