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MOney 2022: The year of living intentionally

After more than two years of working at home and communicating through computers, law firm leaders now see the need to strengthen the bonds that underlie firm culture. In interviews, the same words came up repeatedly: Deliberate. Conscious. Intentional.

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Lower statue of limitations gets Senate hearing

Missouri state Capitol

A Missouri Senate committee is weighing a bill that would reduce Missouri’s statute of limitations for personal injury suits to two years from the date of injury.

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Supreme Court rulings are few but mighty

Chart showing number of opinions from Missouri Supreme Court in recent years

The Missouri Supreme Court has returned to in-person arguments and cleared some long awaited cases off its docket. But its annual output remains below normal.

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Supreme Court weighs denial of arbitration

Missouri Supreme Court

The Missouri Supreme Court is considering whether a group of former car owners are bound by an agreement to arbitrate their claims against a loan servicer that is simultaneously suing them for the amounts they still owe on their cars.

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