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Commentary: The Corporate Transparency Act

The vast majority of private and many nonprofit entities will be swept into the Corporate Transparency Act compliance net. If you or your clients are an investor or have investors, you need to pay attention. Not only is reporting important, so is ongoing compliance.

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EEOC proposes ‘expansive’ Pregnant Worker Act rule

Pregnant woman working on laptop. Cropped image of pregnant businesswoman typing something on laptop while sitting at her working place in office

Attorneys see the newly proposed rule to implement the federal Pregnant Workers Fairness Act as painting the employee’s right to a reasonable accommodation with a broad brush while maintaining a firm standard for the employer’s burden of showing that a particular request would constitute an undue hardship.

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Generative AI creates new insurance risks for corporations

Companies starting to incorporate generative AI into their business operations – or whose employees may be using it – should evaluate those exposures and their existing insurance programs to identify and address any gaps in coverage.

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