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Proposed federal rule could alter wage-and-hour litigation

The federal rule specifying which American employees must receive overtime pay for working more than forty hours a week hasn’t changed since 2004, but it might soon — and that change could affect wage-and-hour litigation, according to Missouri employment-law attorneys. ...

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Gray areas: Emerging technologies cause headaches for corporate counsel

From big-data analytics to artificial intelligence, enterprises must be more creative and diligent than ever before when seeking the best ways to protect their rights in a world where technology IP claims are becoming harder to uphold. “It is not ...

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Medical-pot law could trip up employers, employees alike

Tedrick Housh began his discussion of Missouri’s new medical-marijuana constitutional amendment just after the audience finished its afternoon break, complete with coffee and snacks. “Did everyone enjoy the brownies?” Housh, an attorney at Lathrop Gage, said at a labor and ...

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New or revamped privacy laws mean new worries for general counsels

Data breaches are the nightmare scenario for any organization in the 21st Century. No matter how tech-savvy the company, there is no airtight way to protect a network and the wide array of sensitive client and customer data that resides ...

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Legal community turns its eyes toward attorneys’ well-being

The legal community’s efforts to help ensure that attorneys stay well, both mentally and physically, has become a movement during the past few years. While there has long been help for attorneys suffering from or at risk for substance abuse, ...

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