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Law firm diversity is ongoing goal

Lesley Wynes (left) and Ronald Norwood

When Amanda Garcia-Williams is asked whether diversity is just a buzzword for some law firms, she quickly mentions three groups. 

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Supreme Court rulings are few but mighty

Chart showing number of opinions from Missouri Supreme Court in recent years

The Missouri Supreme Court has returned to in-person arguments and cleared some long awaited cases off its docket. But its annual output remains below normal.

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Supreme Court weighs denial of arbitration

Missouri Supreme Court

The Missouri Supreme Court is considering whether a group of former car owners are bound by an agreement to arbitrate their claims against a loan servicer that is simultaneously suing them for the amounts they still owe on their cars.

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In ‘war for talent,’ firms shake up hiring practices to stay competitive

People in business clothes sitting in a line of chairs

Prospective hires currently have the upper hand when searching for the right law firm to practice. As coastal law firms poach associates and partners in the Midwest, some Missouri law firms are offering higher pay and other benefits to even the playing field.

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