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Key lessons: What jurors really think about your employment case

Scales of justice

As trial lawyers representing employers, we have learned a great deal over time about how jurors tend to think about employment cases. Yet watching a jury deliberate during a mock trial — behind a one-way mirror — is always a ...

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Blind woman presents novel challenge to arbitration agreement

Missouri Supreme Court

Ordinarily, disputes regarding arbitration agreements come down to legal issues to be resolved by courts — or, as is frequently the case, by the arbitrators themselves. But a case argued before the Missouri Supreme Court on Oct. 2 presents the ...

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The future is now: How Gen Z is driving a health care revolution

Depositphotos.com file photo

Luc Matthew is a 17-year-old senior at Easton Area High School in eastern Pennsylvania. Young and healthy, he doesn’t think much about health care unless it’s time for the annual school physical. When he does get sick, he sees the ...

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In-house counsel provide essential support to academic institutions


Like their counterparts in business and industry, in-house attorneys at Missouri colleges and universities devote plenty of time to contract review, real estate development, employment agreements and intellectual property. That is, when they’re not managing Medicare and Medicaid certification, HIPAA ...

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Closing the knowledge gap: Mira Mdivani’s corporate immigration institute trains counsel, executives to avoid pitfalls

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When Mira Mdivani gives training sessions, she is used to seeing a degree of surprise emerge on the faces of the clients she counsels. “Their first reaction is shock with how much [they] don’t know,” said Mdivani, a Kansas City-area ...

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Electronic efficiencies: Thompson Coburn program saves banks from citation messes

Isometric concept of database.

Thompson Coburn has launched a technology innovation designed to handle headaches for banks as easily as state court systems will allow. Banks, particularly large retail and commercial operations, face a barrage of legal filings each month. When a party wins ...

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2019 In-House Counsel Awards


Missouri Lawyers Media recognizes Missouri’s in-house counsel at all levels who, among other things, navigate complicated contract negotiations, represent their companies in high-stakes litigation and defend some of an organization’s most important assets. Categories: Public Company Private Company with annual ...

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Littler launches new on-demand app

The Littler on-demand app

An international labor- and employment-law firm with attorneys in Missouri has launched a new technology platform that provides clients with on-demand access to data, analytics and legal advice. On May 9, Littler launched its new Littler onDemand platform. St. Louis ...

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