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Corporate Legal News Roundup

$126M and counting: Companies should expect larger, more frequent GDPR fines

GDPR, data privacy

Fines imposed under the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation have been relatively low and infrequent. But companies need to prepare for bigger penalties as authorities throughout Europe bolster enforcement efforts and clarify how fines are calculated and imposed. “As ...

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Employee benefits issues prominent in restructuring and bankruptcy cases

employee benefits

With a recession overdue, employee benefits practitioners should be ready when employers face financial distress and should understand how employee benefits are treated in bankruptcy. Recent developments involving executive compensation, pension funding, and withdrawal liability give a glimpse of what ...

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New Labor Department rule clarifies ‘joint employer’ standard

The Labor Department issued a final rule Jan. 12 that clarifies when a worker is employed by more than one company, an issue that affects franchise businesses such as McDonald’s and firms that have outsourced services such as cleaning and maintenance. The ...

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2020 changes to NLRB representation election rules

The National Labor Relations Board recently announced significant changes to its rules regarding representation elections.  The new rules undo many of the controversial 2014 modifications made by the Obama board, as discussed below.  These changes are not scheduled to become effective until ...

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IRS Issues Proposed Regulations Under Code Section 162(m)

Tax law, tax code, taxes

The 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) significantly amended Internal Revenue Code Section 162(m), which generally disallows the deduction of compensation in excess of $1 million paid by a “publicly held corporation” to a “covered employee” in any single ...

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In #MeToo era, some lawyers fielding more ‘reverse discrimination’ queries

#MeToo, sexual harassment, discrimination

With today’s increased focus on diversity and inclusiveness in the workplace, some employment attorneys are reporting that employees are raising more concerns about so-called “reverse discrimination.” “People are generally more aware now that they may have legal rights in employment, ...

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Ensuring access: Law firms adopt technology for better security, document search

Much like other industries, the legal world is rapidly adopting new technologies to improve efficiencies, better serve clients and ultimately to maintain security and remain profitable in an ultra-competitive industry. Long considered an industry slow to adapt and resistant to ...

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Allianz identifies 5 risk trends for directors and officers in 2020

Risk Assessment

The range of risks facing company executives or directors and officers (D&Os) – as well as resulting insurance claims scenarios – has increased significantly in recent years. With corporate management under the spotlight like never before, a new report by ...

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Managing communications during an internal investigation


As an employer, what you say is just as important as what you do. Internal investigations carried out by HR, compliance and legal professionals are no exception. What you say about the investigation — to employees, your board, media and ...

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