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Corporate Legal News Roundup

Preventing witness coaching during remote depos

Videoconference, laptop, cybersecurity

Anyone who has peeked at his or her cellphone during a Zoom meeting likely has recognized the potential for improper witness coaching during a remote deposition.

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How to combat ‘Zoom fatigue’

“Zoom fatigue” seems to be a workplace buzzword this year with researchers estimating that the number who attended meetings via Zoom has skyrocketed.

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Disputed signature keeps case out of arbitration

contract, refusal to sign

Applying a recent Missouri Supreme Court ruling, the Court of Appeals Western District declined to compel arbitration for a man who claims not to have co-signed his grandson’s title loan.

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Closing a business deal remotely? Know the risks

This is a good time to remind business deal makers and inventors — especially newer entrepreneurs and start-up companies — to follow a comprehensive check list to protect the ownership of their new products and services prior to disclosing them to a third party.

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