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Corporate Legal News Roundup

New Illinois law eliminates franchise tax, offers tax amnesty

Illinois recently enacted legislation that offers significant benefits to delinquent taxpayers and corporations doing business in Illinois. The new legislation phases out the Illinois franchise tax over a four year period beginning in 2020, and it establishes an amnesty program ...

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NLRB rules employers may ban nonemployee union activity in areas open to public

On June 14, the National Labor Relations Board ruled in a 3-1 decision that employers may prohibit non-employee union representatives from conducting organizing activities on employer property that is open to the public. This decision overturns precedent dating back to ...

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ERISA preemption of state slayer statutes: does it matter?

Over the last decade, courts around the country have been asked to decide whether ERISA preempts state slayer statutes – state laws that prohibit a murderer from collecting benefits as the beneficiary of the victim’s estate or as the surviving ...

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Employee suit over ‘imprudent’ 401k investments can proceed

Former employees of Putnam Investments can proceed with an ERISA class action against their former employer and other plan fiduciaries based on allegations that they suffered losses as a result of the investment options selected for their 401(k) plan, the ...

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Jury selection for harassment cases in the #MeToo era

At a time when the #MeToo movement is dominating headlines, everyone is talking about sexual harassment — around the water cooler, around the family table, and online. Media coverage of harassment is pervasive, and #MeToo posts regularly go viral on ...

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50 state payroll card compliance map

Womble, Bond, Dickinson launches an overview of current payroll card legislation, regulation, and agency guidance, state-by-state. More from Womble, Bond, Dickinson

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DOJ Tells Tech Companies to Develop “Responsible Encryption”

On November 29, 2018, in a speech at the Georgetown University Law School, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein renewed his call for tech companies to build into their products the means for law enforcement to legally access decrypted data, the ...

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IRS issues relief from confusing eligibility requirement

The IRS has issued Notice 2018-95, which clarifies the application of the Internal Revenue Code Section 403(b) plan “universal availability” rule to part-time employees normally working fewer than 20 hours a week. More from Seyfarth Shaw

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