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Regulatory Costs for Manufacturers Continue to Mount

Chart showing regulatory cost per employee

It has been nearly ten years since the National Association of Manufacturers published its landmark study of the impact of government regulation on the manufacturing industry.

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What Do I Call My Company?

A business owner decided to open a new store named “Ten and Under”. He called his Secretary of State’s office to incorporate his company. The agent there said there was already a company with that same name, but kindly offered ...

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Taking a Prosecutor’s View of Corporate Compliance

Salvador Hernandez

In thinking of the current corporate compliance landscape, I am reminded of the warning found on the side-view mirrors of automobiles: “Objects may be closer than they appear.”

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Legal Operations and Law Firm Growth

Husch Blackwell

For most of the time period between the conclusion of the global financial crisis and the recent coronavirus pandemic, growth in the legal industry had been modest at best. Until the 12 months trailing the COVID-19 outbreak, demand had consistently ...

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New bankruptcy law for small businesses provides welcome changes


Though news of businesses reorganizing under Chapter 11 is fairly common, many of the practical realities for small businesses are not as well known: the rules are complicated, challenging, and not traditionally well-designed for their needs. Small businesses entering Chapter ...

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