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PUBLISHER’S NOTE: Welcome back to the Missouri Medical Law report

2ceb7c3We’ve been writing for and about attorneys at Missouri Lawyers Weekly for 30 years. And among the thousands of articles we’ve written, many have met at the intersection of law and medicine. That space where the Hippocratic overlaps the Lawyers’ oath … when the responsibilities of medical professionals or the rights of patients end in a legal question mark.

And for more than a decade, we have intermittently produced this sister publication — Missouri Medical Law Report. The decision to publish or not publish is often based on the level, persistence or volume of medical legal challenges or trends. Given significant changes in health insurance, ongoing efforts at tort reform and an aging population that presents its own plethora of medical and legal issues, we re-introduce the publication with this issue.

Beginning with this “debut” issue, we will publish quarterly, delivering free to nearly 6,000 doctors across the state of Missouri. Like no other publication you receive, we proudly assert that the information contained within these pages is relevant to any Missouri doctor in a time when practices may face legal challenge in a multitude of ways and in an ever-changing environment. And our reporters are experts at coverage of the Missouri legal community and, with that, the implications and interpretation of law.

There are the big issues like Missouri’s Nancy Cruzan case that asserted a person’s right to refuse medical treatment. But there are the lesser-known too that may not make it to national headline status but may have very important application to your practice. The ones we report on day in and day out. Like the Missouri Supreme Court’s consideration of post-judgment interest on medical malpractice awards, changes to Stark Law regulations and verdicts and settlements reached on cases involving medical issues. All of which you find in this issue.

We hope you will find this publication relevant to your practice. And we look forward to being part of the larger discussion of medical and legal crossroad issues. We welcome your comments about this issue and suggestions for future topics to cover. Email me at [email protected] and thanks for reading.

Liz Irwin
Publisher, Missouri Lawyers Media

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