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Obama officials release terror memos that guided CIA

The Obama administration ruled out prosecution of government interrogators as it released censored versions of legal memos that guided harsh questioning of terror suspects by the CIA under President George W. Bush. The memos show that Justice Department lawyers authorized ...

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We face greater challenges than begging

“Brother, can you spare a dollar?” All of us have been so solicited. As more people lose their jobs and are dispossessed, we will hear the plea more and more. Sometimes such pleas occur at an exit off of an ...

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How did Bush’s DOJ spell relief? N.S.L

One of President George W. Bush’s legacies will be spelled “NSL,” as in national security letter. Bush did not dream up NSLs. Congress enacted the legislation creating NSLs in 1986. What the president oversaw was an explosion in their use ...

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ACLU sues to block effort limiting affirmative action programs in government

The ACLU has filed a lawsuit seeking to dismantle an effort to limit use of affirmative action programs in government before it really gets started. Earlier this month, Secretary of State Robin Carnahan said an initiative petition met state standards ...

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