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Tag Archives: Appellate Practice

Appellate Practice: Inadequate Brief-Employment Case

  Where the brief of an appellant in an employment-discrimination case included an inadequate jurisdictional statement, points relied on and argument section, the deficiencies prevented appellate review, so the appeal is dismissed. Appeal is dismissed. McGuire v. Edwards (MLW No. ...

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Appellate Practice: Inadequate Brief-Contract Case-Attorneys’ Fees

Where the brief of a pro se appellant in a contract case substantially failed to comply with the mandatory briefing requirements of Rule 84.04, the appeal must be dismissed, and the defendant’s motion for attorneys’ fees incurred on appeal is ...

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Appellate Practice: Inadequate Brief-Real Estate Contract-Statute of Frauds

Where the appellate brief of a buyer in a case involving a real estate contract substantially failed to comply with Rule 84.04, the appeal must be dismissed, and even if the brief had complied with the rule’s requirements, the statute ...

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Appellate Practice: Counterclaims-Voluntary Dismissal-Mootness

Where a trial court’s grant of summary judgment in a probate dispute disposed of all claims brought by the counterclaim plaintiffs, the counterclaim defendants did not object to the voluntary dismissal, so there was no live controversy, and the appeal ...

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Appellate Practice: Jurisdiction- Collateral-Order Doctrine- Recusal Motion

Where appellants challenged the denial of motions for recusal in a civil-rights action, such orders are not immediately appealable, and the collateral-order doctrine was not applicable, so the appeal is dismissed for lack of jurisdiction. Appeal is dismissed. Campbell v. ...

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