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Tag Archives: Arbitration

Arbitration: Vacated Award-Travel Costs-Collective-Bargaining Agreement

Where appellant union challenged a district court order vacating an arbitration award originally entered in its favor, seeking reinstatement of the arbitrator’s award, the provisions regarding travel costs construed by the arbitrator were interpreted in light of the relevant collective-bargaining ...

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Arbitration: Motion to Compel-Authority to Reconsider-Selection of Arbitrator

Where an appellant challenged the denial of its motion to compel, the trial court had jurisdiction and the statutory authority to reconsider its motion to compel, and the judgment is affirmed because the Federal Arbitration Act does not allow the ...

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Arbitration: Motion to Compel-Threshold Issues-Delegation Clause

Where an employer challenged the overruling of its motion to compel arbitration in an action filed by a former employee, the employee signed an arbitration agreement that showed an intent to delegate threshold matters of arbitrability to an arbitrator, so ...

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Arbitration: Delegation Provision-Incorporation By Reference

Where an automobile dealer brought an interlocutory appeal challenging the denial of its motion to stay proceedings and compel arbitration of an action brought by plaintiffs, who claimed the dealer allegedly sold hail-damaged cars as brand new, the judgment was ...

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Arbitration: Deficiency Judgment Claim-Arbitrator’s Powers-Trial Court Disposition

Where a finance company in a dispute with a buyer over a repossessed car challenged a judgment confirming an arbitration award, which held that the company could not arbitrate its claim for a deficiency judgment after it pursued the claim ...

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