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Tag Archives: Attorney’s fees

Civil Practice: Jurisdiction-Attorneys’ Fees

Where homeowners sought damages from a basement-waterproofing company connected to the installation of a basement-sealing system, asserting claims that included a violation of the Missouri Merchandising Practices Act and a related request for attorneys’ fees, the judgment did not dispose ...

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Civil Practice: Attorneys’ Fees-Individuals with Disabilities Education Act-Prevailing Party

Where a parent sought attorneys’ fees in an action arising under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, the district court properly found that the appellant was not a prevailing party entitled to fees. Judgment is affirmed. Wofford v. North Little ...

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Civil Practice: Sunshine Law-Attorneys’ Fees

Where a city clerk challenged trial court orders addressing her failure to disclose records under the state’s sunshine law and imposing a civil penalty and attorneys’ fees to the opposing party, substantial evidence supported the finding that the clerk’s refusal ...

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Civil Practice: Summary Judgment-Attorneys’ Fees-Landlord-Tenant Dispute

Where tenants challenged the grant of summary judgment in favor of a landlord in a contract dispute, arguing that the landlord failed to establish a prima facie case because the documents attached to the summary judgment motions were inconsistent with ...

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Negligence: Medical Negligence-Future Damages-Attorneys’ Fees

Where plaintiff brought a medical-negligence action against health care providers alleging that a failure to diagnose led to short bowel syndrome requiring extensive ongoing medical care, and both parties appealed following a jury verdict in favor of the plaintiff, the ...

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