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Missouri bar-passer rate rebounds slightly | See list of bar-passers

After dropping sharply last year, the pass rate for the Missouri Bar exam has inched back up. Overall, 78 percent of test-takers, or 524, passed the exam held in July, according to statistics released Sept. 18 by the Missouri Board ...

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Fresh faces

The Missouri Bar held a bar enrollment ceremony at the Missouri Supreme Court in Jefferson City on Thursday. Showing off their new law licenses are, from left to right, Rachel Shenker from St. Louis, Cori Garland from St. Louis, and Laura Keck from Russellville.

Click here for a complete list of all 740 bar passers.

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Successful candidates of the Missouri Bar Exam

The 740 people listed with their hometown passed the bar exam and, unless otherwise noted, have met all of the requirements for admission to the Missouri Bar. The bar enrollment ceremony will take place on Thursday, Sept. 17 at the ...

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Take your temperature before taking your oath

You've passed the bar! Break out the champagne - and the Germ-X. People who took the Missouri bar exam in July are getting the news of whether they passed and can officially call themselves lawyers. (Click here to read the list) But court officials are urging people to think twice about the spread of the flu as they make plans to attend the enrollment ceremony at the Supreme Court on Sept. 17.

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