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Geithner, Holder reap rewards for failure

Barack Obama has promised many times that he will have the most accountable administration in history. But early on, he missed two opportunities to show he means what he says. First, Tim Geithner's nomination to head the Treasury Department should have been withdrawn once his weaknesses were apparent. Second, Obama should have never picked Eric Holder to be attorney general.

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Obama signs bill making worker pay-bias lawsuits easier to win

President Barack Obama, signing the first legislation of his presidency Thursday, made it easier for U.S. workers to win pay-discrimination lawsuits. Obama had pushed for the legislation during his presidential campaign and it became the first measure to reach his ...

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‘I have done absolutely nothing wrong’

Rod Blagojevich, the 40th governor of Illinois and the subject of federal corruption charges including the attempted sale of President Barack Obama's former U.S. Senate seat, was convicted of abuse of power by state legislators. He is to be removed from office. The Illinois senate voted to convict Blagojevich on one article of impeachment. A two-thirds vote was required. In a speech before the senate at the state capitol in Springfield, Blagojevich said Thursday he never "intended to violate any law" and that his conviction on unproven charges would set a "dangerous precedent."

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Guantanamo made simple: how to close the detention camp

Let’s start with a few facts. As of the last day of the Bush administration, there were 247 detainees at Guantanamo, 16 of them designated “high value.” The detainees constitute roughly a third of the group of Muslim men who ...

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Obama opens way for states to tighten emissions rules

President Barack Obama opened the way for California and other states to set stricter vehicle emissions rules on their own to curb global warming, a step opposed by automakers. Obama also announced Monday that his administration will finish work on ...

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Obama fulfills civil-rights generation’s aspirations

Ten-year-old Nigel Sanders summed up the mood of black Americans when Barack Obama attended services at Washington’s Nineteenth Street Baptist Church last Sunday. “Martin Luther King walked so Barack Obama could run,” Sanders said to a 170-year-old congregation where slaves ...

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