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Tag Archives: Barack Obama

Obama officials release terror memos that guided CIA

The Obama administration ruled out prosecution of government interrogators as it released censored versions of legal memos that guided harsh questioning of terror suspects by the CIA under President George W. Bush. The memos show that Justice Department lawyers authorized ...

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A new American Motors isn’t the answer

When I was a young kid, my family drove a white Rambler station wagon. Ramblers were made by the American Motors Corp. Some might ask: Who? American Motors ceased to exist when it was absorbed by Chrysler in 1987. Chrysler’s ...

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No reason to demonize U.S. single-payer health

It’s time to stop kicking sand in the face of single-payer health care. It may be the strongest solution around to insure every American at a lower cost. After decades of industry campaigns against this model – dubbed by its ...

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Holder eases restrictions on public records

Attorney General Eric Holder directed executive-branch agencies not to withhold public records simply because they may do so legally, reversing a Bush administration policy. In a memo to government agencies Thursday, Holder encouraged agencies to “make discretionary disclosures of information,” ...

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