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Tag Archives: Ben Bernanke

Death-spiral capital relieves Bernanke’s dilemma

The simplest solutions continue to escape those trying to fix our broken financial system. Consider banks’ need to have enough capital on hand to weather market storms. Instead of requiring banks to simply raise and hold more common equity – ...

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Geithner’s F-bombs don’t scratch Goldman Sachs

Political drama over how to regulate the financial industry, replete with an f-bomb-filled rant from Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, has obscured a huge unresolved issue: what to do about too-big-to-fail financial institutions. If anything, questions surrounding these institutions – banks, ...

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Bernanke may buy Treasuries after gilt yields fall

Ben S. Bernanke may have something to learn from his former Massachusetts Institute of Technology colleague Mervyn King. By buying government securities to increase the supply of money, Bank of England Gov. King is taking a step that Federal Reserve ...

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Bernanke may need to ramp up Fed’s asset purchases

Chairman Ben S. Bernanke and Federal Reserve policymakers may have to ramp up their purchases of mortgage securities and other assets after the economy and job market deteriorated further since they last met. The Federal Open Market Committee, which gathered ...

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