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Bond Forfeiture

Dec 5, 2019

Criminal Law: Bond Forfeiture-Due Process

Where a surety challenged a judgment denying its motion to vacate judgment and set aside the declaration of bond forfeiture, the trial court did not err in denying the motion because the judgment was not void for want of due process. Judgment is affirmed. State v. DeClue (MLW No. 74201/Case No. ED107634 – 8 pages) […]

Dec 6, 2018

Civil Practice: Bond Forfeiture-Finality Of Judgment

Where a surety on the bond for a criminal defendant challenged the denial of its motion to set aside the bond forfeiture, the appeal must be dismissed for lack of jurisdiction because the trial court had not issued a judgment denying the surety’s Rule 74.06(b) motion to vacate. Appeal is dismissed. State v. Declue (MLW […]

Sep 28, 2015

Criminal Law : Apprehension of Defendant – Bond Forfeiture – Default Judgment

State v. Atkins (MLW No. 68337/Case No. ED102013 – 6 pages) (Missouri Court of Appeals, Eastern District, Hoff, J.)

Sep 17, 2013

Criminal Law : Bond Forfeiture – Motion To Set Aside

State v. Michael R. Thomas Bail Bond Company (MLW No. 65517/Case No. WD74305 – 4 pages) (Missouri Court of Appeals, Western District, Ellis, J.)

Dec 27, 2012

Criminal Law: Bond Forfeiture – Jurisdiction

State v. Callies (MLW No. 64492/Case No. ED97879/ED98345 – 6 pages) (Missouri Court of Appeals, Eastern District, Crane, J.)

Oct 17, 2012

Criminal Law: Bond Forfeiture – Notice

State v. Aguilar (MLW No. 64275/Case No. SD31918 – 4 pages) (Missouri Court of Appeals, Southern District, Scott, J.)

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