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Contracts: Breach Of Contract – Third-Party Beneficiary – Standing

Kansas City Hispanic Association Contractors Enterprise, Inc. v. City of Kansas City (MLW No. 58869/Case No. WD69246 – 11 pages) (Missouri Court of Appeals, Western District, Hardwick, J.) Where a minority contractor and an association of Hispanic construction companies brought ...

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Contracts: Construction Contract – Breach Of Contract – Statute Of Limitations

Where in a dispute over a construction contract the developer claimed the escrow agent breached an express trust and breached an obligation to pay vendors, subcontractors and suppliers by failing to ensure that payments were properly disbursed, the causes of ...

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Gamblers can sue casino over rewards program

Gamblers whose breach-of-contract claims against a casino were dismissed by the trial court in St. Charles County are back in the game, according to the Missouri Court of Appeals. The Ameristar Casino in St. Charles changed their point-awards and food-comp ...

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Jury rejects former insured’s allegations against carrier

An insurance company and its agent have prevailed in an ex-insured’s federal lawsuit alleging breach of contract, vexatious refusal to pay and breach of fiduciary duty. Dennis Bunger, 50, sought insurance coverage for Bunger Auto Electric, an auto repair shop ...

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Witness scheduling blamed for mixed verdict

Dr. Joel Cooper is just the kind of plaintiff any lawyer would want on the stand: esteemed, funny, warm, knowledgeable. So his attorney Jerome “Jerry” Dobson had mixed feelings when the St. Louis jury came back with a $525,000 verdict ...

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Jury awards $371,000 in breach of contract suit

An Independence jury returned a $371,000 verdict for a developer and a real estate company in a breach of contract and fraudulent misrepresentation lawsuit. In February 2004, Eugene and Charlene Ruiz purchased a residential lot from Saddleridge Estates Inc. It ...

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