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Court plan reform bill sent to Senate

Less than a day after it won initial approval in the Missouri House, a resolution altering Missouri's Nonpartisan Court Plan was sent to the Senate on Thursday. (pictured at left) Rep. Stanley Cox's resolution passed 85-72, three votes more than the constitutionally needed amount to send legislation to the Senate. Among other things, Cox's resolution would increase the number of judicial nominees from three to four. Watch video of Cox talking about the court plan. Click here to see how lawyers in the House voted.

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Coerced abortion bill derailed in state Senate

Proponents of abortion rights are a minority in the Missouri Senate. But the small group of lawmakers proved on Monday that they could still pack a powerful punch. That’s because several Democratic state senators derailed legislation – at least for ...

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Legal challenges never far away for abortion bills

Proponents creating the crime of “coercing” an abortion are confident legislation would pass constitutional scrutiny if it’s challenged in court. There are two major elements to House Speaker Pro Tem Bryan Pratt’s legislation, which is currently pending in the Missouri ...

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