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Constitutional but moot

Supreme Court upholds bond requirement in child support case

The Missouri Supreme Court spent an 18-page opinion weighing the constitutionality of a statute that requires parents delinquent on their child support to post a bond before trying to modify a child custody decree. In the end, the high court ruled the statute is constitutional.

"The more we limit a judge's discretion to make decisions on a case by case basis, the bigger problems we create."

--Rep. Bryan Stevenson (pictured), chairman of the House Judiciary Committee

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Judiciary bill remains alive as session wanes

The House has passed a wide-ranging judiciary bill that includes a controversial plan to convert drug court commissioners into associate circuit judges. But the bill's sponsor says that provision will likely be taken out of the bill, as several senators have warned the section would sink the entire legislative package. House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bryan Stevenson's bill is essentially a collection of smaller bills that popped up throughout the year and have been attached to an "omnibus" - or overarching - bill.

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