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Tag Archives: Certification

Civil Practice: Class Actions-Certification

Where railroad employees moved to certify a class action for a claim challenging the railroad’s fitness-for-duty policy under the Americans with Disabilities Act, the individualized inquiries could not be addressed in a manner consistent with Rule 23, so the predominance ...

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Civil Practice: Class Action-Certification-Deceptive Advertising

Where a vacuum manufacturer challenged an order certifying a nationwide class of plaintiffs in a case involving allegedly deceptive advertising practices and concluding that Missouri law applied to all claims, the only action that took place in Missouri was the ...

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Administrative: Child-Support Arrearage-Certification-Educational Expenses

Where a father appealed a determination by the state’s Family Support Division that affirmed the division’s certification to the U.S. Department of State that the father owed an arrearage of child support in an amount that exceeded $2,500, the judgment ...

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Elections: Initiative Petition- Certification- Signatures in Support

Plaintiff appealed the dismissal of his petition to compel the Missouri Secretary of State to decertify a medical marijuana-initiative petition, arguing that signatures in support were not properly collected, alleging “thousands of individuals…signed [the petition] while not in the presence ...

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Elections: Initiative Petition -Medical Marijuana – Certification

Where the secretary of state was not permitted to look behind a circulator’s affidavit to determine veracity, plaintiff failed to state a claim to decertify medical marijuana initiative petition based on secretary of state’s improper certification of signatures in support. ...

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