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Bankruptcy:Chapter 7- Denial of Discharge- Failure to Keep Records

Debtors filed a Chapter 7 petition; among their debts, debtors confessed judgment of approximately $400,000 in favor of a jeweler from whom debtors took possession of watches, earrings and ring collections. Although debtors returned multiple watches and a ring collection, ...

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Bankruptcy: Chapter 7- Denial of Discharge- Failure to Keep Records

Where debtors’ failure to maintain adequate records to allow the bankruptcy court to determine the value of the transactions between debtors and creditor jeweler, bankruptcy court was justified in denying charge. Judgment is affirmed. In re: Dykes (MLW No. 72253/Case ...

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Debtor did not fulfill duty to list creditor

A debtor who did not list her former stepson as a creditor in her Chapter 7 bankruptcy case should not have been granted a discharge of the stepson’s claim, which arose from child abuse. The U.S. Bankruptcy Appellate Panel explained ...

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