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Tag Archives: Chip Robertson

Heavy hitters involved in suits challenging court plan ballot measure

Two legal challenges now have been filed on a ballot measure that would overhaul how Missouri selects its appellate judges, and heavy hitters from both political parties are involved. Former Supreme Court Judges Edward “Chip” Robertson, a Republican appointee, and ...

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Greenwood case will be appealed, attorney says

An attorney for a southern Jackson County quarry says its operators intend to appeal a $12 million jury verdict to the Missouri Supreme Court. “I don’t think the fat lady’s in sight. She sure ain’t singing yet,” said Chip Robertson, ...

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Three apologies, no explanation for delay

  It was a case challenging the constitutionality of workers’ compensation reform laws passed at the beginning of then-Gov. Matt Blunt’s term – politically tinged and high profile. How the Missouri Supreme Court handled the case was unusual. First, the ...

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