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Tag Archives: Class Action Settlement

Missourians settle hydraulic oil suit with Walmart, fluid manufacturer

A federal judge has given final approval to a class-action settlement in a suit alleging Walmart and a manufacturer of tractor hydraulic fluid deceptively sold and made a product that damaged Missourians’ farm, logging and construction equipment. On March 3, ...

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8th Circuit panel affirms $21.5 million settlement in Monsanto labeling suit

A panel of the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has upheld a $21.5 million settlement between Monsanto and a national class of plaintiffs who claimed the labeling on the concentrated version of the herbicide Roundup was misleading. The settlement, ...

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Bankruptcy: Class-Action Settlement-Cy Pres Distribution-Disgorgement of Attorneys’ Fees

Petitioner filed a claim against debtor, which acted as class counsel in petitioner’s securities class action. Debtor’s chosen claims administrator fraudulently asserted claims of more than $5.8 million. After distributions to the class, debtor successfully obtained a cy pres distribution ...

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