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The way we were

Mark Levison

Before going to court or the office each morning, I do the same thing most male lawyers do. I look in the mirror, I brush my teeth, I take a shower. I look in the mirror, and I shave. I ...

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Sandusky: The football continues to bounce in hard-to-predict directions

It has been a while now since the shocking sexual-abuse scandal involving Penn State Assistant Coach Jerry Sandusky rocked the legal, sports and general communities. The world, sadly, has provided us with many more disturbing, violent and disruptive headlines since ...

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Is now the time?

The system. It is a phrase used by many, in the law and in daily life. One particular and important system is a basic, primordial concept underlying our lawyerly endeavors and government. It is has long been a key to ...

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To avoid conflicts of interest, vigilance is key

Even experienced and well-meaning attorneys can suddenly find themselves in representations that present conflicts of interests. Vigilance and a game plan are key to preventing these conflicts from becoming a bar disciplinary action or a malpractice claim. In a recent ...

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Ready for vacation? Plan for your absence first

Now that warmer temperatures have finally reached the Midwest, many lawyers may begin to contemplate taking time away from work to enjoy the beautiful weather with family and friends. In fact, numerous studies have shown that vacation time can decrease lawyer stress ...

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