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Hotels become barracks for health workers ‘going to war’

The tourists and conventioneers who once filled the rooms of The New Yorker hotel are long gone, driven away by the coronavirus, but its lobby is still bustling. The big, art-deco hotel in midtown Manhattan is one of several across ...

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Nurses suspended for refusing COVID-19 care without N95 mask

Nurse Mike Gulick was meticulous about not bringing the coronavirus home to his wife and their 2-year-old daughter. He’d stop at a hotel after work just to take a shower. He’d wash his clothes in Lysol disinfectant. They did a ...

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A phone call, a song: Small gestures soothe COVID-19 stress

A phone call sounds like such a small thing. But the sedated man in a Missouri hospital room was gravely ill with COVID-19, and nurses arranged for his family to wish him well, perhaps for the last time. In another ...

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