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Criminal Law: Sentencing – Reasonableness – Illegal Reentry

Where a defendant who pleaded guilty to illegal re-entry of the country argued that his 46-month sentence was substantively unreasonable, the district court’s explanation that the defendant had a serious criminal history that warranted no more patience was not unreasonable, ...

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Criminal Law: Post-Arrest Silence – ‘Liquid Solution’ – Lesser-Included Offense

(1)Where the prosecutor asked a defendant on trial for drug charges direct questions about her post-Miranda silence and elicited responses about her requests for counsel, her post-arrest silence was not a proper subject for examination and the defendant was prejudiced ...

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Criminal Law: Drug Conspiracy – Sufficiency Of Evidence – Instructions

Where several police officers and 12 cooperating witnesses testified about defendant’s selling of crack cocaine and cash, cocaine and other drug evidence was seized from the residence from which the defendant ran, the evidence was sufficient to support the defendant’s ...

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Plastic problems

When family and criminal law attorney Lisa Sims recently heard on the news that some credit card interest rates were being raised, she checked to make sure her rates were the same. They were still at an average of about ...

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Criminal Law: Manslaughter – Voluntary Intoxication – Sex Offender Victim

(1)Where the state introduced evidence of defendant’s drinking in a voluntary manslaughter trial and the trial court gave the voluntary intoxication instruction to the jury, there was adequate evidence of intoxication to support the instruction, which was necessary to help ...

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