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Criminal: Conspiracy to Distribute Narcotics-Sentencing Enhancement-Use or Threat of Violence

Defendant pleaded guilty to conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine. During intercepted phone calls, defendant suggested two co-conspirators needed to be assaulted for working with law enforcement and paid another co-conspirator to carry out the assaults. The district court imposed a sentencing ...

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Criminal: Carjacking-Waiver of Challenge to Conviction and Sentence-Assessment of Criminal History Points

Defendant pleaded guilty to carjacking and related offenses after admitting he stole a car at gunpoint with the owner’s dog in the backseat; defendant later crashed the vehicle, killing the dog. Defendant’s plea agreement included a waiver of challenge to ...

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Criminal: Armed Robbery-Forfeiture of Right to Testify-Defendant’s In-court Outbursts

Defendant was convicted of robbing a bank with a sawed-off shotgun and shortly thereafter carjacking an individual. On appeal, defendant raised various challenges, including arguments that the district court failed to construe his letters raising various complaints as a motion ...

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