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Tag Archives: Damages

Negligence: Wrongful Death-Damages

The parties cross-appealed from the judgment entered in plaintiffs’ medical-malpractice and wrongful-death claim. Defendants argued that the trial court erred in not reducing the judgment by the amount of the settlement between plaintiffs and a joint-tortfeasor, while plaintiffs argued that ...

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Torts: Tortious Interference-Sufficiency of Evidence-Damages

Where an oil producer challenged a jury verdict for a independent trucking contractor who alleged that the oil producer had tortuously interfered with the business relationship between the contractor and his best customer, the evidence was sufficient to support the ...

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Negligence: Property Damage-Lost Sale-Damages

Where homeowners brought an action against an electric cooperation for the alleged negligent installation of a transformer, claiming damages from a lost sale of their property after the buyers backed out, the judgment is affirmed because the owners did not ...

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Contracts: Employment Contract-Breach of Loyalty-Damages

Where in a dispute arose from an associate professor’s alleged failures to disclose his inventions or patent applications and to properly assign ownership of inventions resulting from his research to his university employer as required by the employment contract, the ...

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