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Tag Archives: Denial Of Asylum

Immigration: Denial of Asylum-Persecution

Where a petitioner from Guatemala sought review of the dismissal of her appeal from a decision of the immigration judge denying her request for asylum, substantial evidence supported the determination that she was not entitled to asylum because she did ...

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Immigration Law: Denial of Asylum-Past and Future Persecution-Social Group

Where petitioners from Mexico appealed the denial of asylum and the withholding of removal, the record did not compel reversal of the Board of Immigration’s determinations that the petitioners did not experience past persecution or face future persecution, that one ...

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Immigration: Denial of Asylum-Withholding of Removal-Convention Against Torture

Petitioner petitioned for review of an order dismissing his appeal from the decision of an immigration judge denying petitioner asylum, withholding of removal and relief under the Convention Against Torture. Where there was no basis for reversal, the court denied ...

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