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Trump expands fast-track deportation authority across US

The Trump administration announced this week that it will vastly extend the authority of immigration officers to deport migrants without allowing them to appear before judges, its second major policy shift on immigration in eight days. Fast-track deportations can apply ...

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Immigration Law: Deportation-Marriage to U.S. Citizen-Reopening of Deportation Proceedings

Petitioner, a Laotian citizen, was convicted of assault in 1993 and ordered deported. Laos refused to accept petitioner, who remained in the United States under ICE supervision. Petitioner subsequently married a U.S. citizen and sought adjustment of status. The Bureau ...

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Immigration: Deportation- Reopening of Proceedings- Adjustment of Status

Petitioners, citizens of India, moved to reopen their deportation proceedings to pursue an adjustment of their status. The BIA denied the motion. Where an alien could file only a statutory motion to reopen removal proceedings within 90 days of the ...

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