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Cheney’s hit-squad plan shows law is for sissies

A few days after hijacked planes smashed into the World Trade Center, reporters asked President George W. Bush about his plans for Osama bin Laden. “There’s an old poster out West,” Bush replied. It says, “Wanted, Dead or Alive.” Ten ...

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Cheney takes fight to Obama as rest of GOP avoids clash

Former Vice President Dick Cheney accomplished something last week that Republicans have seldom been able to do: directly challenge President Barack Obama in real time on a major policy issue. In a nationally televised speech delivered just minutes after Obama ...

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Geithner, Holder reap rewards for failure

Barack Obama has promised many times that he will have the most accountable administration in history. But early on, he missed two opportunities to show he means what he says. First, Tim Geithner's nomination to head the Treasury Department should have been withdrawn once his weaknesses were apparent. Second, Obama should have never picked Eric Holder to be attorney general.

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