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Tag Archives: Disability Insurance

Administrative: Disability Insurance-Denial of Benefits

Where a claimant challenged the denial of his application for disability-insurance benefits, the judgment is affirmed because substantial evidence supported the determination that his impairments did not meet or medically equal a listed impairment, and the residual functional capacity determination ...

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Administrative: Disability Insurance-Credibility Determination-Residual Functional Capacity

  Plaintiff appealed the district court’s decision affirming an administrative law judge’s denial of plaintiff’s application for disability insurance benefits. Plaintiff argued that the ALJ erred in its credibility determination, improperly discounted her subjective claims of pain and failed to ...

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Insurance: Disability Insurance-Underlying Cause of Disability-Limitation on Benefits

Plaintiff applied to defendant, her disability insurer, for disability benefits. Defendant concluded that “mental disorders” caused plaintiff’s disability, which limited plaintiff to two years of benefits under her plan. Plaintiff filed suit against defendant but the district court granted summary ...

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Administrative Law: Disability Insurance-Residual Functional Capacity-Sufficiency of Evidence

Petitioner appealed from the order of the district court affirming the denial of defendant’s application for disability insurance and supplemental security income. Where the administrative law judge’s conclusion regarding petitioner’s residual functional capacity was supported by substantial evidence after ALJ ...

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