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Tag Archives: Discharge

Bankruptcy: Finality Of Order-Discharge

Where debtors challenged the denial of their motion for a determination of whether a confirmation order barred a state court action relating to an underlying contract, the bankruptcy court did not reach the merits of the request for declaratory judgment ...

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Unemployment compensation: Disqualification – Discharge – Medical Restrictions

Where an unemployment compensation claimant became unemployed because documented medical restrictions prevented him from performing his job, the claimant did not leave work voluntarily, but was instead discharged, and the claimant’s physical inability to do his job did not constitute ...

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Unemployment Compensation: Disqualification – Discharge – Credibility Determination

Where two witnesses for an employer testified that an unemployment compensation claimant was not being terminated at a meeting at which he was told he would not receive a raise, the commission found the employer’s witnesses to be more credible ...

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