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Tag Archives: Distribution of Child Pornography

Criminal Law: Distribution of Child Pornography-Consecutive Sentence-Double Jeopardy

Defendant pleaded guilty to distributing child pornography. The district court imposed a sentence at the bottom of the guidelines range but ordered it to run consecutive to an earlier-imposed sentence following the revocation of defendant’s supervised release. On appeal, defendant ...

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Criminal Law: Distribution of Child Pornography-Motion to Dismiss Indictment-Constitutionality of Criminal Statute

Defendant entered a conditional guilty plea to distribution of child pornography. Defendant appealed the denial of his motion to dismiss the indictment, arguing that the statute of conviction as applied violated his First and Fifth Amendment rights. Where a person ...

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Criminal Law: Distribution of Child Pornography-Below-Guidelines Sentence-Voluntariness of Guilty Plea

Defendant pleaded guilty to distribution of child pornography; the district court imposed a below-guidelines sentence. On appeal, defendant argued that his sentence was substantively unreasonable, that his plea was not knowing or voluntary, that the prosecutor engaged in misconduct and ...

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