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Is a bad economy a good time to get a divorce?

A recession might just be a good time for a husband to leave his wife, a St. Louis divorce lawyer said. "In the stock market, you buy low and sell high. Why in a divorce would you divorce high and not low?" asked Scott Trout, the managing partner of Cordell & Cordell, a law firm that calls itself "a partner men can count on." Trout stressed that the law firm isn't encouraging divorce but just saying not to let the bad economy prevent a divorce that would otherwise happen. Attorney Marjorie Carter (pictured) says that there are too many variables to say “now is a good time to get a divorce.”

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Judge defends sealing Clay divorce filing

St. Louis Circuit Clerk Mariano V. Favazza and Judge Margaret M. Neill (pictured) are defending the process used this week to seal U.S. Rep. William Lacy Clay's divorce filings. Clay's wife, Ivie, who was not consulted about the sealing, issued a statement saying she hadn't been told of the divorce filing and questioning whether she could get a fair divorce proceeding in St. Louis. The case raises a number of legal issues, including: Is it appropriate for a circuit clerk to delay releasing a public record before a judge seals the record? Can a judge seal the file in a divorce proceeding without notifying the other party? Can a judge seal the file without giving specific and tangible reasons for doing so?

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