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Tag Archives: Driver’s License

Driver’s License: DWI-Revocation

Where a driver challenged the denial of her driving privileges for five years and the revocation of her license for one year, the judgment is affirmed because the director was not required to provide an original judgment of conviction, and ...

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Driver’s License: DWI-Breath-Test Admissibility-Patrol Vehicle

Where a trial court held that the results of a driver’s breath test were inadmissible because the test was conducted in a law enforcement patrol vehicle, the judgment is reversed and remanded because the vehicle was a permissible location for ...

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Driver’s License: Revocation-Refusal to Submit to Chemical Testing-Implied-Consent Warnings

Petitioner was stopped for failure to dim lights; when the officer observed signs of intoxication, he arrested petitioner for DWI. The officer read petitioner the implied-consent warnings for a breath test, but when the breathalyzer malfunctioned, he requested petitioner take ...

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Driver’s License: DWI-Breath-Test-Refusal Warning-Validity Of Statute

Where a driver in a DWI case argued, and the trial court agreed, that his constitutional right to due process was violated when an officer informed him as required by statute that his license would be “immediately” revoked if he ...

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